Teachings: Advent 2017 – Week 2

Joy to the World: Advent Week 2

Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions


Advent is a Latin word that means “coming.” During this time, we remember that Christ stepped into our brokenness, and we anticipate His second coming. This series will provide activities for you and your family, and they are always optional but fun and beneficial.


Daily prayer: Keep a prayer list this season for the people you want to show love to, and ask God  to use your small actions for His great purposes.


Mon. Dec 4

Read Genesis 6:5-8. Has there ever been a time where you felt God was holding you up in a flood? How did that feel? Do you know anyone who may be “drowning” now? Activity: Identify a family who you think may be in a “flood”. Consider doing something awesome for them, like giving a gift or doing the 12 days of Christmas (http://porch.com/gigglesgalore/12-days-christmas-service-project/).


Tue. Dec 5

Read Micah 5:2-6.  Who was Jesus prophesied to be? How have you seen this as true in your life? Activity: Find the hymn “Away in a Manger” and sing with your family (or look up “Unspeakable Joy” by Chris Tomlin).  


Wed. Dec 6

Read Joel 2:12-13. What are we called to do in this passage? What does it mean to tear your heart, not just your clothes? Why are we called to this? Activity: Light the second advent candle and be intentional to spend more time than usual in prayer as an individual and with your family. Also, join Bethel in Advent worship at 7pm.


Thurs. Dec 7

Read Genesis 22:1-14. What does it look like to trust God with your whole heart? Activity: Google a recipe for Butternut Squash soup. Make it together as a family. As you make it, list 10 ways that God has provided for you.


Fri. Dec 8

Read Genesis 28:10-22. How is Jesus a ladder? We are not able to climb the ladder, but rather, Jesus came down to us. How is this good news for you? Activity: Write a note to someone letting them know how appreciated they are by you, and how loved they are by God.


Sat. Dec 2

Read Genesis 37:3-4, 50:15-20. How does this story help you remember to celebrate God’s love for you? Activity: Find a coloring sheet and color it for someone!

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Rev. Andrew Prin
December 10, 2017
Christ’s Cradle Part 2

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