Teachings: Advent 2017 – Week 3

Joy to the World: Advent Week 3

Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions


Daily prayer: Keep a prayer list this season for the people you want to show love to, and ask God to use your small actions for His great purposes.

Mon. Dec 11

Read Deuteronomy 5. The 10 commandments are more than just laws. They are God teaching us to love and giving us His love. How do they show us His love? Activity: on a piece of paper, make 2 columns. In the first column, write out each commandment. In the second, write each commandment in a way that you hear God’s love through it (i.e “You shall not steal” “God loves me so much that He will provide all I need, and I don’t need to steal to get more”).

Tue. Dec 12

Read Joshua 2. Describe a time when you saw God turn someone’s or your own life completely around. Activity: Find anything red in your home and create a mosaic picture or word out of all the red. Read Isaiah 1:18. Post the picture of your red art onto Facebook or Instagram and tag Bethel in it so we can see!

Wed. Dec 13

Read Isaiah 9:2, 6-7. Who is our light? What does this mean to you? Who do you know that needs that light? Activity: Light the third advent candle and be intentional to spend more time than usual in prayer as an individual and with your family. Also, join Bethel in Advent worship at 7pm.

Thurs. Dec 14

Read Ruth 1. Extra credit: Read all of Ruth! This story is all about the little miracles that point to a big picture. How do you see that in Ruth’s story? How can you keep your eyes open to see the big picture God has in store? Activity: When it’s dark outside, turn off all the lights in your house except your Christmas tree (or a small candle). See how the darkness makes that little light seem so much brighter? Pray together, thanking God for being your light.

Fri. Dec 15

Read 1 Kings 18:18-24. What false gods exist in your life? How can you tell it’s a false god? Activity: Write down your false gods on little slips of paper. Toss these slips into your fire place, or throw them out. Pray and thank God that He is the one who is all powerful and worthy of praise!

Sat. Dec 16

Read Jonah. What character traits of God do you find in this story? Activity: Find your favorite fish recipe and create it together as a family, or google a curry fish recipe (since curry is middle eastern, like where our story takes place: Nineveh would have been near Iraq!) Make this for lunch, of course, and be sure to come to Bethel’s Living Nativity tonight!

Watch the Sermon

Rev. Andrew Prin
“Christ’s Cradle Part 3”
December 17, 2017

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