GodSpeak: Advent 2018 – “Hope”

GodSpeak for the First Week of Advent

During Advent 2018, we will focus on the themes of the Advent candles. The first candle represents Hope. As you read the passages this week, take note each time you see the word “hope.” Ask the following questions: How does the Bible define or describe hope? What do we hope for? In what or in whom is our hope placed? How does biblical hope inform our faith? How is it connected to Advent – both the first and second coming of our Savior Jesus Christ?

Monday, December 3: Read Psalm 25:1-7.

Tuesday, December 4: Read Psalm 33:12-22.

Wednesday, December 5: Read Isaiah 42:1-7; and Acts 26:1-8, 19-23.

Thursday, December 6: Read Romans 8:22-30.

Friday, December 7: Read Romans 15:8-13; and Titus 2:11-14.

Saturday, December 8: Read Colossians 1:3-6, 21-27.

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