GodSpeak: Answers – Attributes of God


Answers: Attributes of God

There is no way to fully understand or describe God. However, the Bible gives us a glimpse (a big glimpse!) of His character. This week, get to know your Father, Creator, and Friend.


Daily prayer and memory: Psalm 119:89-90


Throughout the week, read the following passages and either discuss with your family/small group, or journal the different attributes of God in each passage. After reading each day, consider these questions:

  1. Does this passage reveal something new to me about God?
  2. Does this passage give me a clearer understanding of His character?
  3. Which attributes do I forget about Him sometimes?
  4. Which attributes give me hope?
  5. How do these stories and passages apply to my life today?

Passages to read throughout the week:

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