GodSpeak: Answers – We Can Know God Exists

Answers: We Can Know God Exists


A widely debated question: how do we know that God exists? What does that have to do with faith? How can we discuss our belief in our Creator in a way that shares God’s love?


Daily prayer and memory: Psalm 119:89-90


Monday, Jan 15

Read Genesis 1:1-2. What is the historical context of this passage? What is the main point? What does this passage tell us about God? What truth lies in this passage?


Tuesday, Jan 16

Read Exodus 3:1-15. What name does God give Himself? What time frame does this 2 word title give us? What does that mean to you?


Wednesday, Jan 17

Read Genesis 16 & John 18:1-6. What fact about our God is revealed in these passages (more specifically, what does He know and see)? What attributes of God do these reveal?


Thursday, Jan 18

Read Romans 1:18-23. What does creation tell us about God? According to this passage, is there really such a thing as an atheist? How do you know that God exists?


Friday, Jan 19

Read Hebrews 11:1-6 & Romans 10:17. Ultimately, can we prove that God exists & that He is the Creator? What pleases God? Do you think intellectual arguments help in sharing the Gospel? Why or why not? How does faith happen?


Saturday, Jan 20

Read Psalm 90:1-6. When did God begin to exist? What does it mean that God is everlasting and eternal? How is man compared to God in this passage?

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