GodSpeak: Answers – God Preserves His Word

Answers: God Preserves His Word


History proves that the Bible has always been the best selling book. That’s no surprise to us Christians, as God has protected His Word for thousands of years. We know it will endure forever.


Daily prayer and memory: 2 Timothy 3:16-17


Monday, Feb 5

Read Matthew 4. On a piece of paper, make two columns and label them “Satan’s Manipulation” and “Jesus’ Truth”. In each column, write the ways that you see each person use Scripture passage they choose. How is this significant? How do you see God’s Word preserved? What does this teach us about appropriate use of Scripture? How did Jesus rely on Scripture for truth?


Tuesday, Feb 6 & Wednesday, Feb 7

Over the next TWO days, read the passages below. Discuss how each is a prophecy of Jesus’ life. How do these passages (and more that we aren’t reading!) bless us with confidence in the Old Testament’s reliability? Some people think that the Old Testament is irrelevant. How do we know that to be untrue? EXTRA CREDIT: Find the passages in the NEW Testament where these OLD testament prophecies are fulfilled. The first one is done for you!


Thursday, Feb 8

Read Jeremiah 36:1-4, 17-32, & 2 Peter 1:19-21. How do the two books describe God’s Word? What did Jehoiakim think of God’s Word? How has God preserved the text of the Old Testament?


Friday, Feb 9

Read Luke 4:16-21. What do we learn from Jesus in this passage? Why is the Old Testament important? How did God preserve the Word through His Son?


Saturday, Feb 10

Read Romans 15:4. What is the purpose of the Old Testament? How is it still relevant, and how can it give us hope?

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