GodSpeak – Being A Spiritual Mentor – February 24-March 1

Being A Spiritual Mentor

Jesus was clear that after we baptize, we teach them to obey everything Jesus has commanded. Who should do that? Usually we just leave it up to chance. That’s not good enough. If you had the privilege to lead someone to baptism, then take the opportunity to be their spiritual mentor too.

Monday, February 24
Read 1 Corinthians 1. Many Christians think that they aren’t qualified to mentor someone in the life of discipleship. What does Paul have to say about wisdom and foolishness? If we think we need to be “wise enough,” what does that really say about us? …about God?

Tuesday, February 25
Read 2 Timothy 2. Paul knew Timothy was equipped by God to lead his people. But was Timothy supposed to be the only teacher? Is Timothy doing his job if he does? What should be the goal of our spiritual mentorship of others?

Wednesday, February 26
Prayer: Confidence Take time to pray today that God would give you the confidence to walk alongside others in their growth in discipleship. Ask God to humble you and work through you as you boldly help others to follow Jesus.

Thursday, February 27
Read Matthew 18. The children Jesus is talking about are the children of God… that’s us! Who is responsible for bringing back our brothers and sisters in Christ who stray? It is just the pastor’s job? What is the role of confession and forgiveness in the process?

Friday, February 28
Prayer: Accountability In your prayers today, pray for accountability. First pray that you would be transparent enough to be held accountable by others, and then pray that God would bless you to be trusted by others that you may hold them accountable in their life of faith.

Saturday, March 1
Read Ephesians 4. This is one of the most beautiful descriptions of what the church should look like. How could you use this passage of scripture to mentor someone into their role in the church?

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