GodSpeak: By the (Good) Book – “After Intermission”

GodSpeak for the Week of July 29

 “After Intermission”


This week, we go back to the Lectionary (i.e., assigned reading schedule) for our Scripture lessons, focusing on the lives we’re called to after we’re equipped by the Lord for service to Him.


Day 1…Read Ephesians 3:14-21

  • Paul’s words, here, almost sound like they should be at the END of this book; they sound like the CONCLUSION to one of his letters. Yet, this is just the END of “Act I” of this letter.  He will go on (for three more chapters) to call the faithful in Ephesus to: live lives of unity in Christ, how their relationships are different because of Christ and spiritual warfare.
  • How are Paul’s words, here, similar to the end of “Act I” in a play? What do they serve to do?

Day 2…Read Ephesians 3:14-21 (again, especially focusing on vv. 18 & 19)

  • Paul wants the Ephesians to know the parameters of God’s love through Christ; the width, length and depth of His love.
  • Why is this the “love” which surpasses knowledge? How does it surpass knowledge?

 Day 3…Read Genesis 9:8-17

  • God establishes a covenant, here, between Himself and Noah; never again, will He destroy the world by a flood of water.
  • Why does God MAKE this covenant with Noah? Since, He’s God – why can’t He just do what He wants to do, when He wants to do it?!  Why is this episode important in our lives of faith?

Day 4…Read Genesis 9:8-17 (again)

  • Who (very specifically) does God make His covenant with? Why is the scope of this covenant so insightful and important?

 Day 5…Read Mark 6:45-56

  • Mark tells us that “Later that night” (v. 47) Jesus was STILL alone on the mountainside (presumably still praying).
  • How much time was Jesus devoting to silence in God’s presence and prayer? How much time do YOU devote to silence in God’s presence and prayer…each month, week and day?

Day 6…Read Mark 6:45-56 (especially focusing on vv. 54-56)

  • Jesus has just spent the night: praying, walking on water, calming the fears of the disciples, quieted a strong wind.
  • What happens IMMEDIATELY upon His stepping out of the boat? What does that say about peoples’ need?  What does it say about the TIMING of their needs? What does the peoples’ need – paired with Jesus’ response – say about our Lord and God?

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