GodSpeak: By the (Good) Book – “Childlike Faith”

GodSpeak for the Week of October 7

“Childlike Faith”


This week we stay with the Lectionary, with a special focus on words from the book of Mark’s gospel about “adult” versus “childlike” faith.


Day 1…Read Mark 10:2-16

  • Consider this – the Pharisees obviously know what they think on the subject. They’re testing Jesus to get Him into a “black or white” kind of answer; an answer they can later use against Him.
  • Answer this – how does Jesus’ answer to the Pharisees’ question help Him?
    • In this case, what does answering a question with a question help Jesus to learn/see/do with the Pharisees?


Day 2…Read Mark 10:2-16 (again)

  • Consider this – pay particular attention to what Jesus SPECIFICALLY asks the Pharisees in v. 3 versus how the Pharisees SPECIFICALLY answer in v. 4.
  • Answer this – they’re both talking about Moses and how he responded to the issue. What’s the DIFFERENCE between how Jesus and the Pharisees DESCRIBE Moses’ response?
    • What does this tell you about what’s going on in the Pharisees’ minds?


Day 3…Read Mark 10:2-16 (again)

  • Consider this – vv. 3 and 4 have the Law about divorce centered on MOSES.
    • Moses is seen by both Jesus and the Pharisees as the commandment and permission-giver in those verses.
  • Answer this – beginning in v. 6, to whom does Jesus switch the focus?
    • Why is this important?


Day 4…Read Mark 10:2-16 (again – focusing especially on v. 9)

  • Consider this – the Pharisees have appealed to the Law Moses had given them. In v. 9, Jesus declares “…let no one separate.”
  • Answer this – how iron-clad is Jesus’ command, here?
    • The implication is that – even who – cannot separate what God has joined together? (and, do you think this is going to win points for Jesus with the Pharisees???)


Day 5…Read Mark 10:2-16 (again – focusing especially on v. 13)

  • Consider this – the Greek word Mark uses for “place His hands on them” has the connotation of Jesus “fastening Himself to” and/or “adhering to” the kids.
  • Consider this – Jesus has just gotten done talking about that which God has joined together, let no one separate.
  • Answer this – to whom does God/Jesus now…literally…join Himself?
    • Why is this important? What does this say about our God and Lord?


Day 6…Read Mark 10:2-16 (again – focusing especially on v. 15)

  • Answer this – what is it about kids (versus adults, like the Pharisees) that compels the Lord to declare that they will inherit the Kingdom of God?
    • What do kids do/believe that Jesus wants us adults to do/believe?

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