Godspeak – Creation – March 5-10

UNDESERVED: God’s Gift of Grace

Grace is, by definition, an undeserved gift. One gift that is often overlooked by us is the gift of God’s creation. God made this place, he gave us life, he provides support for our existence and it’s all a gift that we never asked for. It’s a gift we don’t deserve.

 Weekly Memory Verse
“The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.” Psalm 145:8

Monday, March 5     Read Genesis 1 Genesis 2. In the beginning… GOD. Before we or anything we know of exists… God. Genesis 1:29 describes God’s gift of grace. God made it all and gave it to us.

Tuesday, March 6     Read Psalm 104. Our temptation is to think we are in charge. When reading Psalm 104 notice who is the one in charge, the one who is active. Gifts are given… not earned.

Wednesday, March 7    Read Exodus 34. When you describe yourself, what do you say? You probably put the most important thing about yourself first. God describes himself here. What does God say first about himself? (v.6) Look back a few chapters for the context. He’s proving it already.

Thursday, March 8     Read Job 38 Job 39. Job has been put through more than any of us could handle. Naturally he struggles and questions God. God answered. If you want more, keep going through 41.

Friday, March 9     Read Psalm 145. What is the attitude of someone who lives each day acknowledging the grace of God? Psalm 145 is that expression. As you read it, express it. It’s awesome.

Saturday, March 10     Read Matthew 6:19-34. We don’t worry about things that we can control. Considering how much we worry, it tells us a lot about how much we control. What is Jesus’ recommendation for us?

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