GodSpeak – Ephesians 2 – April 21-26

Reading Paul, Hearing Jesus (GEPC)
Ephesians 2

It’s one of the great summaries of what it means to be redeemed through the blood of Jesus. Death to life. By grace. Through faith. The gift of God. Not by works. God’s workmanship. Awesome.

Monday, April 21
Read Ephesians 2:1-10. Paul aptly uses the death to life image to display the change in the life of a Christian. What does “death” look like? How do we come “alive?” What have we been awakened to life in order to do?

Tuesday, April 22
Read Ephesians 2:11-22. What has Christ reconciled? What was abolished through that reconciliation? Notice the Trinitarian language in v. 18 and how closely it ties to being baptized in the Triune name of God.

Wednesday, April 23
After reviewing Ephesians 2, read Luke 15. Jesus teaches using different stories about something that is lost and then found. How is being lost and found similar to Paul’s “death to life?” What is our role in being “found?” What’s God’s role in finding us?

Thursday, April 24
After reviewing Ephesians 2, read John 3:16-21. How are we saved? What are we saved from? Here, Jesus uses the image of light versus darkness to describe the difference. How is that like “death and life?” What can you do in the light that you can’t do in the darkness? Vice versa?

Friday, April 25
After reviewing Ephesians 2, read Matthew 16:13-28. Paul says that we were created for good works. What does Jesus say must die in us before we are able to do those good works? When do you try to resurrect that part of your life? What happens to your good works when you do?

Saturday, April 26
After reviewing Ephesians 2, read Luke 7:1-10. Paul writes to the Gentiles about how they were brought in through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Jesus hinted pretty heavily about this. Where does Jesus find great faith? Where do we make divisions that Jesus didn’t make?

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