GodSpeak: Following Jesus through the Cross March 23-29

Following Jesus
through the Cross

Jesus came out of total love for us to free us from the selfishness of sin.  We follow Jesus, acting in love for others in the same way he loved us… not just to the cross, but through it.  In each reading Jesus teaches us a little more about who he is and what he has done for us. 

Daily Prayer:  Jesus, give us freedom from our sin so that we may love others as you love us.

Monday, March 23
Read John 8:31-59.  Jesus sets us free from slavery.  What slavery did Jesus recognize among the Jews?  What kinds of selfish behaviors enslave you and those around you?  Make a commitment to model freedom today.

Tuesday, March 24
Read John 9.  Jesus gave sight to a man who didn’t ask for it, and showed that the religious leaders were blind.  How can we “see” what is good?  How do we react when others “see” who we don’t think deserve it?

Wednesday, March 25
Read John 10.  If Jesus is the Good Shepherd, what’s the grass?  What’s the water?  Who is the hired hand?  The wolf?  Who owns the sheep?  How do we know who our shepherd is?  Where is he leading you?

Thursday, March 26
Read John 11. Imagine being Lazarus.  Does life change for Lazarus after his resurrection?  We have died to sin and risen to a new life in Jesus.  How is life different for you today because you’re baptized?

Friday, March 27
Read John 12:1-26.  The crowds call for salvation from oppression and Jesus is happy to oblige.  However, it’s not the way they expect.  How does Jesus save?  See vs. 20-26.

Saturday, March 28
Read John 12:27-50.  Jesus says that those who believe in him actually believe in the Father.  Jesus also uses lots of light and darkness analogies.  How does Jesus make the Father clear to us?  Take some time today to thank God for his creation. 


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