GodSpeak – Following Jesus Through the Cross – March 30-April 4

Following Jesus Through the Cross

We continue to follow Jesus as we read the story of his death and resurrection in John.  John is not just telling the story, but teaching us about Jesus here.  As followers of Jesus, he’s also teaching us about ourselves.

Daily Prayer: Father, thank you for sending Jesus to sacrifice for us.  Give us a love that sacrifices for others.  Amen. 

Monday, March 30
Read John 13John 14.  Jesus washes his disciples feet and wants us to do likewise.  What does this represent?  Later he talks about being “the way.”  What does the way of foot washing look like for you?

Tuesday, March 31
Read John 15John 16.  Vine, branches, fruit, love, Spirit.  How do all these words relate?  What happens when any of those parts are missing from the picture?  Share from personal experience.

Wednesday, April 1
Read John 17Jesus prays for himself, for his disciples and those who will come after them.  Do likewise today.  Take some time to pray for yourself, for those you are discipling and for those who will come after them.

Thursday, April 2
Read John 18.  Many of us handle a lot of stress in our daily lives.  Imagine the stress  Jesus must have been under.  Notice how he behaved in the midst of that stress, with integrity and grace.  Pray for God’s strength for the same integrity and grace in the midst of stress that Jesus displayed.

Friday, April 3
Read John 19“I thirst.”  Jesus had streams of living water for us, by taking our thirst upon himself.  Many people consider it appropriate to fast during Good Friday.  Some fast between 9am and 3pm while Jesus was on the cross.  Others fast all day, and even others fast all the way until Sunday morning.  Pray about it.

Saturday, April 4
Read John 20.  He is risen!!!  Jesus’ resurrection brings life, peace, and a Holy Spirit that gives us the authority to forgive sins.  Jesus sends us on the same mission, to forgive sins.  Who needs your forgiveness today?  Find them and tell them that you forgive them.

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