GodSpeak – Fulfilled Isaiah Foretold – December 15-20

Isaiah Foretold

Isaiah prophesied to Israel and Judah during a tumultuous time in the history of God’s people.  In the midst of hard-hitting prophecies about their current day and the things that were coming, it became apparent that someone was coming who would bring light and peace.

Daily Prayer: Dear Lord, let me live in anticipation of your coming to make everything right.  Amen.

Monday, December 15
Read Isaiah 7/Matthew 1:18King Ahaz is in a tough spot!  He’s trying to play Assyria against the coalition of Syria and Ephraim instead of trusting God.  From that sticky situation comes a beautiful prophecy of Jesus.   How is the prophecy speaking both to Isaiah’s day and to Jesus?

Tuesday, December 16
Read Isaiah 9/Luke 1:32-33.  Out of the anguish of Israel comes light and peace.  How is this fulfilled in the story of the Old Testament?  How is Jesus our light?  How is Jesus everything we see in v.6?

Wednesday, December 17
Read Isaiah 11/Mark 1:10-11What is the “stump of Jesse?”  What kind of world is vs.6-9 describing?  It that fulfilled in the Old Testament?  How is that fulfilled through Jesus?  Is there more fulfillment yet to come?

Thursday, December 18
Read Isaiah 35/Matthew 9:35Isaiah 35 continues the same language from Isaiah 11.  The creation is being renewed.  Where do we see Jesus showing us the renewal of creation?  Think of all that is wrong with the world being right again.  Pray that Jesus will come back to make it right, and that we can live in anticipation of it right now.

Friday, December 19
Read Isaiah 40/John 1:19-28Isaiah speaks to the exiles in Babylon far before they are ever exiled, encouraging them to see their redemption.  The way to their redemption will be paved by God.  How is our redemption paved?  Who is the voice crying in the wilderness?

Saturday, December 20
Read Isaiah 60/John 1:1-14Jesus is the light of the world.  How has Jesus shone light into your life?  Are there shadows where you still hide things from God (as if you could…)?  Pray today to have the light of Jesus’ love and forgiveness shine into your darkness and fill you completely.

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