GodSpeak – Fulfillment Christmas Fulfilled – December 22-27

Christmas Fulfilled

Jesus came just as God said he would.  His way was prepared.  The virgin conceived.  Bethlehem saw the baby.  Immanuel has come to save us.  Daily Prayer: Lord, make my celebration of Christmas be filled with the joy of your fulfillment.  Amen.

Monday, December 22
Read Luke 1:1-38As you read this text, look for all the references to Old Testament figures and prophecies.  How do different people react when they find out that the fulfillment of prophecy is happening through them?

Tuesday, December 23
Read Luke 1:39-56Mary magnifies the Lord in her song.  Notice how the whole song is about what God is doing.  What is Mary’s part in the whole thing?  What part do we play in in our salvation?  What is God’s part?  Magnify him today for what he has done.

Wednesday, December 24
Read Luke 1:57-80Zechariah doubted the message of the angel which resulted in him being mute until his son was born.  Notice in Zechariah’s song how his hope is so deeply rooted in prophecy.  He knew what kind of savior was coming.  What is the basis for your hope?

Thursday, December 25
Read Luke 2:1-20This story is so familiar for so many of us.  Look in between the favorite phrases for the places where we see prophecy fulfilled.  Notice how often David is mentioned.  What is the message of the host of angels?  Why do you think God announced this birth to shepherds?

Friday, December 26
Read Matthew 1:18-25What prophecies are being fulfilled in this passage?  What role does Joseph play in the fulfillment of prophecy?  What does then name Jesus mean?  Why is it so important for Jesus to also be “Immanuel?”

Saturday, December 27
Read Matthew 2This passage has multiple fulfillments of prophecy.  Who rightly interprets the prophecy of Micah about the Christ being born in Bethlehem?  How is that information used?  How may we be tempted to use God’s promises for evil?  Pray that God will keep you faithful to his promises until they all have come to pass.

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