GodSpeak – Galatians 1 – March 3-8

Reading Paul, Hearing Jesus (GEPC)
Galatians 1

The Galatians churches are in a battle over the Gospel (good news) of Jesus. Paul writes passionately to defend the truth. First things first – this is Jesus’ Gospel, not Paul’s.

Monday, March 3
Read Galatians 1. What is Paul’s concern for the churches in Galatia? Why does Paul insist so heavily that this Gospel is not from man? What are the competing gospels in our day?

Tuesday, March 4
After reviewing Galatians 1, read Acts 9:1-31. Paul references his conversion in Galatians 1. What role does Jesus play in the conversion of Paul? What makes Paul such a perfect selection to carry the Gospel to the Gentiles?

Wednesday, March 5
After reviewing Galatians 1, read Luke 24. Paul is very focused on the Gospel of Christ. According to Luke 24, what is that Gospel? What are we to do with that Gospel?

Thursday, March 6
After reviewing Galatians 1, read Matthew 15. Paul was likely dealing with Jewish Christians who insisted on Jewish practices in order to be a true Christian. What does Jesus say about traditions? What do we learn from his encounter with the Canaanite woman?

Friday, March 7
After reviewing Galatians 1, read Matthew 16. Jesus gives a stern warning about the “leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” What’s so bad about it? Does that have anything to do with the cross we are to bear? If so, how?

Saturday, March 8
After reviewing Galatians 1, read John 10:1-18. Paul is very concerned that the Galatian churches are seeing the Gospel as Paul’s word, not Jesus’ word. What is the danger if they stop listening to the Good Shepherd? Can we tell the difference between the word of man and the word of Jesus?

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