GodSpeak – Galatians 2 – March 10-15

Reading Paul, Hearing Jesus (GEPC)
Galatians 2

There were a lot of exclusive regulations that went into being a Jew. It was a way of life. Jesus came and new life was found in Him and was extended to the Gentiles (non-Jews). Justified apart from the law?

Monday, March 10
Read Galatians 2. Paul reacts rather passionately to the Jewish Christians challenging his mission to the Gentiles. What was Paul defending so passionately? Why is it so important?

Tuesday, March 11
After reviewing Galatians 2, read Acts 10. What does God show Peter? Why would Peter have a hard time with this new reality? What things do we hold on to that might unnecessarily divide us from others, keeping them from hearing the Gospel?

Wednesday, March 12
After reviewing Galatians 2, read Acts 11. Peter was in trouble for eating with Gentiles. How did Peter defend his actions? Where does persecution take the church next? How do we handle ourselves when people we love deny what we know is true?

Thursday, March 13
After reviewing Galatians 2, read Acts 15. Paul and Barnabas came to Jerusalem to discuss the Jew’s issues with Gentile Christians. What were those issues? Why were they important? What decisions were made? What can we learn from this process?

Friday, March 14
After reviewing Galatians 2, read Luke 18:9-30. The Pharisee represents the “religious” people. The tax collector represents everyone else. Who is right in God’s eyes? When do we get caught up in our “religion” and miss humility?

Saturday, March 15
After reviewing Galatians 2, read John 17. Jesus prays that his disciples and those who come believe in him would be one. What unites us? What pulls us apart? How do we overcome these divisions?

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