GodSpeak – Galatians 3 – March 17-22

Reading Paul, Hearing Jesus (GEPC)
Galatians 3

Christians are the children of Abraham, who” believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.” We are people of faith in the promises of God. The law is fulfilled. We are justified through faith.

Monday, March 17
Read Galatians 3:1-14. Why is it foolish for the Galatians to seek “the law” after they have believed in Jesus? How does Abraham play into the picture?

Tuesday, March 18
Read Galatians 3:15-29. According to Paul, what is the role of the law? How does it relate to the promise? How do we receive our inheritance?

Wednesday, March 19
After reviewing Galatians 3, read Genesis 15:1-6, Genesis 12:1-3. What is the relationship between faith and promise? What was Abraham promised? What did Abraham receive by faith? What do we receive by faith? (To see faith in action, see Gen. 22)

Thursday, March 20
After reviewing Galatians 3, read Matthew 26:32-56. In v.32, Jesus promises his disciples that after he had risen, he would meet then in Galilee. In the verses that follow, we see the true state of the disciples’ faith. What promises of God do we struggle to take seriously?

Friday, March 21
After reviewing Galatians 3, read John 8:31-59. Paul isn’t the only one who traces faith and promise back to Abraham. Jesus made that case first. What did Abraham do that the Jews didn’t? Who’s their father?

Saturday, March 22
After reviewing Galatians 3, read Luke 3:1-22. Even John the Baptist gets into the Abraham business. How does John foreshadow Jesus in his words to the people? What is the solution?

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