GodSpeak – Galatians 5 – March 31-April 5

Reading Paul, Hearing Jesus (GEPC)
Galatians 5

Either or. Either you try to be justified by the law or you live in the grace of God. You can’t have both. Either you live by the flesh or you live by the Spirit. You can’t have both. By grace bear fruit.

Monday, March 31
Read Galatians 5:1-15. What is the righteousness that we hope for through the Spirit? (v.5) Is it really true that the only thing that counts is “faith expressing itself through love?” What gets excluded? What would you like to include that gets excluded? Why would you like it included?

Tuesday, April 1
Read Galatians 5:16-26. Here we get a good sense of what the Holy Spirit is and is not. What characterizes those without the Spirit? What characterizes those with the Spirit? How do we try to blend the two?

Wednesday, April 2
After reviewing Galatians 5, read John 8:31-59. What does slavery to sin look like? Why can’t we free ourselves? Why is it so offensive for Jesus to assert that the Jews weren’t children of Abraham? What do they lack that Abraham had?

Thursday, April 3
After reviewing Galatians 5, read Mark 12. Does Jesus answer the question about the greatest commandment the way the lawyer thought he would? How is love superior to all the other commandments? Why was the lawyer not far from the Kingdom?

Friday, April 4
After reviewing Galatians 5, read Matthew 15:1-20. Our words and actions reveal what is on our heart. Jesus gives us a list. Are these the only “unclean” things? Can we find some loopholes in there? How does it defeat the purpose to seek out the loopholes?

Saturday, April 5
After reviewing Galatians 5, read John 14. What is the connection between love and obeying Jesus’ commands? Where is the Spirit in that process? Who is the Holy Spirit leading you to love or to love more?

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