GodSpeak – Galatians 6 – April 7-12

Reading Paul, Hearing Jesus (GEPC)
Galatians 6

After reminding them of the fruit of the Spirit, Paul describes what that looks like in the congregation. Forgiveness, humility, unity and compassion. We boast in Christ. We are a new creation.

Monday, April 7
Read Galatians 6. Paul gives words of wisdom to the Galatians in the first half of chapter 6. Are these just his ideas, or do they come from Jesus? If Jesus, where do we find Jesus saying these things?

Tuesday, April 8
After reviewing Galatians 6, read Matthew 18. Paul recommends that the Galatians restore the straying brother or sister in “gentleness.” What would be a harsh way of trying to restore a straying brother or sister? Does that work? Is Jesus’ instruction in Matthew 18 gentle or harsh?

Wednesday, April 9
After reviewing Galatians 6, read James 4. James speaks against selfishness and worldliness in the Christian life. Why is it so important to be humble and focused on the welfare of others? What happens to us when we are proud and focused on our own pleasures?

Thursday, April 10
After reviewing Galatians 6, read Luke 16:19-31. In Galatians 6:8, Paul speaks of sowing to the flesh versus sowing to the Spirit. In Luke 16, who sowed to the flesh? Who sowed to the Spirit? What does is look like for us to sow in the Spirit?

Friday, April 11
After reviewing Galatians 6, read Matthew 23. The Pharisees were the religious elite of their day. They also boasted in their position. How did they boast verbally? How did they boast nonverbally? How do we boast in Christ verbally? How do we boast in Christ nonverbally?

Saturday, April 12
After reviewing Galatians 6, read 2 Corinthians 5. Paul calls us ambassadors of reconciliation to a new creation. Wow. Take that apart. How are we ambassadors? Who do we represent? How are we reconciled? What does it mean to be a new creation… today?

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