GodSpeak – Heart of Membership Fellowship: Son – November 10-15

Heart of Membership
Fellowship:  Spirit

 We are gathered and enlightened by the power of the Holy Spirit.
The Spirit of peace came upon us in our baptism, guides us through life, and gives us mutual accountability in the church.
Daily prayer: Spirit, guide us all in the paths of truth and love.  Amen.


Monday, November 10
Read Psalm 139The Hebrew word for “Spirit” means wind or breath and is often associated with the essence of life.  How does it give you comfort that God sees into the most intimate parts of your life?  How might it be disconcerting for God to have that kind of exclusive access?


Tuesday, November 11
Read Matthew 3 & Matthew 4In chapter 3 Jesus is given the Spirit like a dove, representing peace.  In chapter 4, that same Spirit drives him into the desert to be tempted by the devil.  If Jesus’ baptism foreshadows our baptism, does the Spirit also lead us into the wilderness?


Wednesday, November 12
Read Matthew 6:9-13The Lord’s Prayer can be divided according to the Trinity.  The Spirit section is found in v.13.  How does the Spirit preserve us in times of temptation?  What is the Spirit’s role in delivering us from evil?  How does the fellowship of believers help in this?


Thursday, November 13
Read John 14Earlier, we used John 14 to learn about the Father.  Now, we see the Spirit.  What is the role of the Spirit?  Notice the relationship between the Spirit and peace (v.27) as we saw on Tuesday.  Where is the Spirit?  How does the Spirit help us?


Friday, November 14
Read 1 Peter 2Peter describes the building of “a spiritual house.”  What makes the house “spiritual?”  Who lives in that house?  How is life different in this house than in the rest of the world?


Saturday, November 15
Read Galatians 5Not only are we brought to faith by the Spirit, but we are to walk by the Spirit.  Discuss the tug of war between the Spirit and the flesh.  Name one gratification of the flesh that you particularly struggle with.  Pray for the fruit of the Spirit to be evident in your life.


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