GodSpeak – Heart of Membership: Meek – September 22-27

Heart of Membership

God has blessed us with repentant hearts, and we mourn this world filled with every kind of selfish ambition. Jesus calls us to be different. Be humble. Be simple. Put others first. Jesus did. Daily Prayer: God, bless me with a heart of humility, putting others above myself.

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” – Matthew 5:5

Monday, September 22
Read Luke 14:7-24. Humility is at the core of Jesus’ teaching. Why is humility so important? What happens when we aren’t humble? Do you go for the “place of honor?” What are you trying to prove?

Tuesday, September 23
Read Matthew 20:20-28. James and John’s mother wanted to see her sons exalted. Who is “great” in the kingdom? Who is “first?” Why do we resist serving in this way? What would happen if we humbled ourselves and willingly became “slaves?” That’s what Jesus did.

Wednesday, September 24
Read Mark 8:27-38. Why do you think Peter got out in front of Jesus? What goes into following Jesus? What happens if we try to follow Jesus without denying ourselves, taking up our crosses, or losing our lives for his sake and the gospel? Are we still following?

Thursday, September 25
Read Philippians 2:1-17. When Paul looks for an example of humility, who does he present? What happens in the church when we lack humility? Give examples from your life of times when pride hindered the church’s mission from within.

Friday, September 26
Read Romans 12:1-21. There is no pride in being a “living sacrifice.” How does Paul encourage us to think of ourselves? If everyone in the church were humble and functioning according to their gifts, what would happen? Give an example of when the church came together in humility and accomplished great things.

Saturday, September 27
Read James 3:13-18. James links meekness with wisdom. How are they connected? Where have you seen the “demonic” power of jealousy and selfish ambition? Where have you seen the wisdom of humility in action?

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