GodSpeak – In the Name of the Holy Spirit – January 6-11

In the Name of the Holy Spirit

All baptized believers have a WaterLife. In our baptism we are given new life through the Holy Spirit. The word “holy” means “set apart.” The word “spirit” speaks of the essence of a person. What’s so different about the Holy Spirit? How do we live in the name of the Holy Spirit?

Monday, January 6
Read Mark 1:1-11. John said a Holy Spirit baptism was coming. The Spirit came like a dove upon Jesus. What does a dove symbolize? Do we receive the Spirit in baptism? What makes this Holy Spirit different than the spirit we were born with?

Tuesday, January 7
Read John 3:1-21. What does it mean to be “born of water and the Spirit?” Why is it so important? The word “spirit” can also mean “breath,” or “wind.” How do we understand what Jesus says in v.8?

Wednesday, January 8
Read Acts 2. The Spirit is busy here. Where does the Spirit “blow”? Where is it connected to baptism? What else does the Spirit do? How does the Spirit set these disciples apart? How does the Spirit set us apart?

Thursday, January 9
Read John 16:1-15. Here, Jesus calls the Spirit the “Helper,” or “Counselor.” This Spirit will both convict and lead into truth. How does the Spirit convict in regard to sin, righteousness and judgment? What is the truth that he sets us apart to embrace?

Friday, January 10
Read Romans 8. Notice the central role the Spirit plays in our daily life as Christians. What is the difference between our natural “essence” (spirit) and the “set apart essence” (Holy Spirit)?

Saturday, January 11
Read Galatians 5:16-26. How are the desires of the flesh against the desires of the Holy Spirit? Why can’t we have both?

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