GodSpeak – In The Name of the Son – January 20-25

In the Name of the Son

We are baptized in the name of the Son. The Son of God came to give us forgiveness and lead us in the truth. By God’s grace alone we are the forgiven people of God. Jesus goes first and we follow. He forgives sin, we forgive sin… really? How do we live in the name of the Son?

Monday, January 20
Read Luke 3. John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus by foreshadowing his teaching. What is the difference between John’s teaching and Jesus’? What can Jesus do for us that John can’t?

Tuesday, January 21
Read Ephesians 2. Paul likens our sinful state to “death” and forgiveness to “life.” How do we get from “death” to “life?” What do we do with this “life?”

Wednesday, January 22
Read Romans 6. Paul also uses life and death language in this passage. What is the connection between baptism and the cross? How do we think of ourselves as baptized believers? Whose slave are you?

Thursday, January 23
Read Colossians 3. What does the old self look like? Do you recognize that in yourself? Repent… now! These are the deeds of death! We have new life in Christ! Be forgiven. Who needs to hear this same message from you: “Repent… now! Be forgiven.”

Friday, January 24
Read Matthew 18. The essence of Jesus’ ministry is forgiveness. He seeks us out, defeats sin and restores our relationship with God. We then follow him. Describe how Matthew 18 show us who and how to forgive.

Saturday, January 25
Read John 20:19-31. These things were written that we might believe… Do we believe that when we forgive people’s sins they are forgiven? Why would we resist? Who knows about forgiveness more than… the baptized?

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