GodSpeak – John 18 – Feb. 6-11

The Gospel of John 18

It all seems to unravel so quickly. Jesus’ arrest, moving from this trial to that, Peter’s three-fold denial, and finally being exchanged for a common criminal. Yet through it all, Jesus is remarkably calm and confident. He is a man on a mission. He is God on a mission.

 Weekly Memory Verse: John 18:38
“What is truth?”

Monday, February 6     Read John 18:1-18. How far Peter will fall. One moment, Peter is swinging his sword, willing to die for Jesus in the garden. Moments later, Peter won’t admit he knows Jesus… to the “girl at the door.” How do you relate to Peter?

Tuesday, February 7     Read John 18:19-40. “What is truth?” Pilate, the Gentile, is the only one asking the right question. Why is it so hard for Pilate to get an answer? What is truth?

Wednesday, February 8     After reviewing John 18, read John 6:16-24. Wind and waves halt when Jesus says “I am.” (Exodus 3:14) What happens to advancing soldiers when Jesus says “I am?”

Thursday, February 9     After reviewing John 18, read Isaiah 45:18-25. “I have not spoken in secret” While Peter denies, Jesus is transparent. While Peter hides his past, Jesus lets his actions and words speak for him. What is the testimony of your words and actions?

Friday, February 10     After reviewing John 18, read Matthew 23. The Jews dared not enter the palace of Pilate for fear of becoming unclean, just so long as they can get a death sentence for an innocent man. Most hypocrites don’t do so intentionally. How do we do this too?

Saturday, February 11     After reviewing John 18, read Colossians 1:3-13. Jesus is king of a new kingdom. Where is that kingdom? Is it now? Is it not yet? Is it both?

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