GodSpeak – John 20 – February 20-25

The Gospel of John 20

It’s one thing for a tomb to be empty. It’s quite another thing for the previous occupant to vacate the tomb… himself. Imagine the confusion and dismay of Mary, Peter and John when they find an empty tomb, only to hear Him say, “Mary,” or “Put your finger here.” He’s alive.

Weekly Memory Verse: John 20:29
“Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Monday, February 20     Read John 20:1-18. They stole the body, but folded the linens? Angels and a gardener who knew her name? It took time for it all to really sink in. Jesus is alive. What does it take for this truth to really sink in to your life? What does this truth change for you?

Tuesday, February 21     Read John 20:19-31. The disciples must not have really believed Mary. Jesus had to prove to them that He was alive. What is the “peace” that Jesus is talking about?

Wednesday, February 22     After reviewing John 20, read Luke 24:36-49. The disciples didn’t understand that the crucifixion and resurrection were in fulfillment of Scripture until Jesus appeared to them and told them. (John 20:9) So, why is it important to know the Old Testament?

Thursday, February 23     After reviewing John 20, read John 10:1-18. Mary hears her name and instantly knows who the gardener really is. How do the themes of John 10 & 20 intersect?

Friday, February 24     After reviewing John 20, read Genesis 2:5-7 & Psalm 104. Jesus breathes the Holy Spirit into His disciples. What is the significance of this breath? Is it for us too?

Saturday, February 25     After reviewing John 20, read 1 Peter 1: 3-9. It must have been awesome to see the risen Jesus and even touch him. We don’t get that privilege and Jesus knew it. According to Peter and John, how are we blessed?

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