GodSpeak – John 21 – Feb 27-Mar 3

The Gospel of John 21

Fresh from their encounter with the resurrected Jesus, the disciples quickly revert back to old routines. For Peter, it was fishing. Peter had no idea that Jesus had come to restore him, to give him the chance to express his love for him the same way he had denied him just days ago.

Weekly Memory Verse: John 21:19
“Follow me!”

Monday, February 27     Read John 21:1-14. Where do the disciples go after their two encounters with the resurrected Jesus? Why do you think the disciples returned to fishing?

Tuesday, February 28     Read John 21:15-25. Why does Jesus ask Peter three times if he loves him? What is Jesus’ desire for his disciples? (vs. 19 & 22)

Wednesday, February 29     After reviewing John 21, read Luke 5:1-11. Does Jesus perform this miraculous catch of fish so that the disciples will be well provided for, or is there a deeper symbolical meaning to this passage?

Thursday, March 1     After reviewing John 21, read Ephesians 5:1-21. Jesus calls out to his disciples and calls them “children” (in the NIV it’s translated as “friends”) How well do God’s children fish in the dark? What happens at the break of dawn?

Friday, March 2     After reviewing John 21, read John 18:15-27. Jesus made a charcoal fire on the beach, much like the one described in John 18. Did he do this just to bring back a bad memory for Peter… or to overcome it?

Saturday, March 3     After reviewing John 21, read Acts 10:34-43. The book of Acts shows a bold, confident, Spirit-filled Peter. Following Jesus meant Peter had to expand his view of who were Jesus’ lambs and sheep. Who are Jesus’ lambs and sheep? How are they fed?

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