GodSpeak: Lectionary Pentecost 24

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Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions


We are not called to live idly, but rather to live as followers of Christ: risk takers, merciful and loving. This week, we will look at what it means to prepare for Christ’s second coming by looking at how characters in the Old Testament prepared for their first King using Judges.


Daily prayer: Pray through Psalm 123.


Mon. Nov 13

Read Judges 2:16—3:6. Why did God raise up judges? Who were judges?


Tue. Nov 14

Read Judges 3:16-30.  This is one of my favorite events in the Bible! What makes this such an interesting story? What stands out to you? If you want something fun to do, draw a comic strip of this and bring it to your small group study to compare. Ask yourself, “How did Ehud follow God? What was his responsibility? How did God create him perfectly for this task?”


Wed. Nov 15

Read Judges 4. After Ehud died, what pattern did Israel repeat? Do you see that today? How did God use women in this chapter?


Thurs. Nov 16

Read Judges 6:11-40. Who was Gideon? How did Gideon react when he realized that he had seen an angel of the Lord face to face? What reassurance did God give him? What does this teach you today? What can we learn from the fact that God wanted Gideon to cleanse his own family of idolatry before beginning his work for the Lord?


Fri. Nov 17

Read Judges 7:1-18 What do you learn about God in this passage of scripture? What do you learn about man? How was Gideon to prepare for battle?


Sat. Nov 18

Read Judges 16. What was the real source of Samson’s strength? What can we learn about God from the story of Samson?

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