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Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions


All Saints Day is not a day to pray to the saints, through them, or for them. Rather, it is a day to remember them. Who is regarded as a Saint?


Daily exercise and prayer: Find the lyrics to “For All the Saints”. Find a verse that resonates with you and pray through it, remembering the loved ones who have been with you in your walk with Christ.


Mon. Oct 30

Read Romans 4-5:2. Who are saints?


Tue. Oct 31

Read 1 John 2:28-3:3What are characteristics of a child (a saint) of God? Are you included in this? (Hint: see John 1:12-13).


Wed. Nov 1

Read Hebrews 11. Put on your gym shoes, it’s Scripture exercise time! List each saint in this chapter. After each saint, list the different acts of faith each did. Now write your name. What have you been led to do by faith? (Bonus points: Compare lists with your small group. See what great things God has done


Thurs. Nov 2

Read Hebrews 12. “Therefore” is such a key word in this verse. What are we supposed to d oin remembrance of the saints? They are not meant to be a shadow, but rather what?


Fri. Nov 3

Read Rev 7:2-17. Verses 1-8 describe the Church here on earth (the church militant, “Onward Christian Soldiers”), & verses 9-17 illustrate the Church in Heaven (the Church Triumphant, “For All the Saints”). What clues or symbols do you see to reveal this?


Sat. Nov 4

Reread Psalm 149. Think about how saints for thousands of years have been singing this! How does that make you feel? Which saints are you remembering this year?

Watch the Sermon

Rev. Andrew Prin
“All Saints Sunday”
Nov. 5, 2017


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