GodSpeak: Life|Love – April 6-11

1 John 1:1-10

John writes a letter to the churches and starts it from the beginning.  These are fundamental words, basic, simple, and eternal.  Don’t think too hard, or you will ruin the simplicity.  Don’t take them too lightly, or you will miss the depth.  

Daily Prayer:  Jesus, teach us to walk in the light as you are in the light.  Amen.

Monday, April 6
Read 1 John 1:1-10.  Focus on verse 1Which “beginning” is John talking about?  How have they seen, looked and touched it?  What is the “word of life?”  For more, see John 1:1-18.

Tuesday, April 7
Read 1 John 1:1-10.  Focus on verse 2.  They declare “eternal life.”  Where does that life come from?  How has “eternal life” appeared to them?  For more, see John 3:13-17.

Wednesday, April 8
Read 1 John 1:1-10.  Focus on verses 3-4.  What is the “fellowship” that John speaks about?  How does the sharing of what they have seen and heard “make their joy complete?”  For more, see John 17:20-26.

Thursday, April 9
Read 1 John 1:1-10.  Focus on verse 5How is God like light?  How is darkness the opposite of God?  What is the message that enlightens us?  For more, see John 3:19-21 & John 8:12.

Friday, April 10
Read 1 John 1:1-10.  Focus on verses 6-7. What is the basis for fellowship?  What would it look like to claim fellowship and still walk in darkness?  How does Jesus walk in the light?  How would imitating Jesus’ light together lead to real fellowship?  For more, see 1 Thessalonians 5:4-11.

Saturday, April 11
Read 1 John 1:1-10.  Focus on verses 8-10.  What is necessary for the “truth” to be “in us?”  Why is confession so important?  Is it possible to be a Christian and not confess our sins?  For more, see Proverbs 20:9 & Proverbs 28:13.

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