GodSpeak: LINC

GodSpeak for the Week of  June 24 · “LINC”


On June 24 we had a special guest preacher during Sunday worship – Rev. Ben Griffin of LINC, Twin Cities (a ministry which seeks to develop Christ-grounded leaders in local neighborhoods to share the Gospel).  Pastor Griffin may be a familiar face, as LINC has an office at Bethel.


Day 1…Read Acts 17:22-34

  • Consider this – LINC seeks to develop ministry leaders from within local neighborhoods.
  • Answer this – in this famous speech of Paul’s, what does he say he has done to ensure the Athenians he’s paid attention to what’s been going on in their neighborhood?

Day 2…Read Acts 17:22-34 (again)

  • Answer this – how does Paul’s approach to how he shares the Good News of Christ inform us about how we should do the same?
    • Why is this approach so important and effective?

Day 3…Read Philippians 4:4-9 (especially v. 6)

  • Consider this – LINC puts front-and-center on its website its focus on prayer. It’s central to everything they do to lift up leaders and share the Gospel.
  • Answer this – out of everything Paul says in v. 6, what are arguably the two most important words? (hint: we celebrate a holiday with one of the words)
    • Why is it vital we approach God with our prayers in this way?
    • What does that do, what does that say if we DO NOT approach God in this way?

Day 4…Read Philippians 4:4-9 (again)

  • Consider this – when Paul speaks of “gentleness” here, he is meaning things like: being equitable, agreeable, fair, etc.
  • Consider this – two members of the congregation at Philippi (Euodia and Syntyche) had been engaged in some kind of ongoing argument, which was causing problems in the congregation. Thus, Paul offers these words in response.
  • Answer this – why is it STILL vital that we act with a spirit of “gentleness” in our congregations?
    • What does that look like for you, specifically?

Day 5…Read Matthew 18:21-35

  • Consider this – when Jesus answered Peter’s question, he said: “…seventy-seven times.”
  • Consider this – the number 7 in Scripture is often associated with the idea of “perfection.”
  • Answer this – so if Jesus is saying to forgive 77 times, what might He be implying?
  • Answer this – also, think about this: if you are called to forgive someone 77 times in order to heed Christ’s call, what’s going to happen to the intensity of the problem you’re forgiving by the time you get to the 77th forgiveness?

Day 6…Read Matthew 18:21-35

  • Consider this – like the king in the parable, Christ has taken pity on us – His servants – and cancelled out our debt to Him (actually going so far as to have paid for it with His own blood on the cross!)
  • Answer this – how are we to therefore respond to those who are indebted to us?
    • Why do we have a tendency, though, to act as the servant in this parable?
    • How can we better yield to Christ’s call and command?

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