GodSpeak – Disciple: Making Disciples – January 21-26

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Make Disciples

Once the disciples were authorized by Jesus, he tells them what they are authorized to do. Jesus’ disciples were authorized to go and make disciples, not for themselves, but for Jesus.

Monday, January 21
Read Matthew 28:18-20. Another way to translate verse 19 is, “As you are going, make followers (of Jesus) from all the nations.” What does it mean to you that Jesus doesn’t so much command us to “go” as he does “make disciples”?

Tuesday, January 22
Read Matthew 4:18-22, 8:18-22. Compare these two disciple-gathering accounts. What’s the difference? Be honest. Who do you most resemble?

Wednesday, January 23
Read Matthew 10:16-42. Jesus sends his disciples on a mission to proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven. What words of wisdom does Jesus give his disciples before they go? What assurance does he give them?

Thursday, January 24
Read Luke 14. Beginning in verse 25, Jesus paints a picture of discipleship that is rather hard to take in. Does Jesus really mean this? Is he exaggerating to make a point? When might it be essential to love family or yourself less in order to truly follow Jesus?

Friday, January 25
Read John 6:60-71. What is God’s role in making disciples? How do we reconcile our work of making disciples with God’s work of making disciples?

Saturday, January 26
Read Matthew 16:24-28. Jesus calls upon us to deny ourselves. What should we deny ourselves? Do we even know what should be denied? Could it be that without those things life wouldn’t be worth living? See v. 25.

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