GodSpeak – Matthew 10:17-42 – June 24-29

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 10:17-42

Jesus sends his apostles out on a mission. Here, Jesus describes what may encounter them as they fulfill that mission. If you also consider yourself an apostle of Jesus, pay attention.

Monday, June 24
Read Matthew 10:16-33.  Jesus warns his disciples about fearful possibilities that may arise on their journey. How do you think you would stand up to those scenarios? How do you acknowledge Jesus to others? When do you deny Jesus to others?

Tuesday, June 25
Read Matthew 10:34-42.  The Prince of Peace says he hasn’t come to bring peace, but a sword. If t you were forced to choose between your family and Jesus, which would you choose? Do people know that when they receive you, they’re receiving Jesus?

Wednesday, June 26
After reviewing Matthew 10:16-42, read Acts 4.  Here we have an example of Jesus’ disciples arrested and before a religious court. How do they conduct themselves? What can we learn from their example?

Thursday, June 27
After reviewing Matthew 10:16-42, read Isaiah 8:11-22.  God speaks to Isaiah and tells him not to fear what the people fear? Why not? Where should our fear be placed?

Friday, June 28
After reviewing Matthew 10:16-42, read Micah 7:1-10.  Micah laments the state of morality in his world. Where does Micah put his hope? What sacrifices does Micah endure to do so?

Saturday, June 29
After reviewing Matthew 10:16-42, read Matthew 25:31-46.  “He who receives you receives me.” How is this shown to be true when Jesus returns to judge the earth? Since Jesus is so connected to you and your daily life, how does this change the way you live life?

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