GodSpeak – Matthew 11 – July 1-6

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 11

Jesus turns around from teaching his disciples and does exactly what he told them to do. Puzzling John and his disciples, Jesus clarifies his mission.

Monday, July 1
Read Matthew 11:1-19. John and his disciples found that their expectations weren’t being met. What does Jesus say to realign their expectations to his purpose? What expectations do you have of Jesus?

Tuesday, July 2
Read Matthew 11:20-30. We talk a lot about law and gospel. Where do we see law prominently displayed in this passage? Gospel? Is one more true than the other? Why is it important to see the truth of both?

Wednesday, July 3
After reviewing Matthew 11, read Isaiah 35. Isaiah describes an anticipated time when the exiles will return. It will be like a new creation. How is Jesus’ coming like a new creation? How IS it a new creation?

Thursday, July 4
After reviewing Matthew 11, read Revelation 2 & Revelation 3 “He who has ears, let him hear.” What do “ears” symbolize? How do we get “ears?” See Matthew 11:27. When we have them, what do we hear?

Friday, July 5
After reviewing Matthew 11, read Mark 7:24-30. Here we have Jesus in one of the Gentile towns that he curses in Matthew 11. What sets this woman apart from the rest of the people Jesus condemns?

Saturday, July 6
After reviewing Matthew 11, read Exodus 33. God has plenty of reasons to abandon the Hebrew people, yet he promises to give them rest (v.14). What does God have against you? How has he given you rest?

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