GodSpeak – Matthew 14:1-36 – August 5-10

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 14:1-36

While the wicked revel, Jesus feeds his thousands from a meager meal. While the wind and waves roil, Peter walks on water. Feel the tension? “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

Monday, August 5
Read Matthew 14:1-21. Compare Herod’s birthday feast with the feast Jesus provides his followers. How do we feast now in the Kingdom of God? What kind of feast are we looking forward to?

Tuesday, August 6
Read Matthew 14:22-36. Jesus refers to Peter as having “little faith”, even though he walked on the water! What’s the difference between saving faith and the “little faith” that can be improved upon?

Wednesday, August 7
After reviewing Matthew 14:1-36, read Matthew 11:1-19. Jesus speaks of violence against the Kingdom in v.12. How did John experience that violence? Does that continue today? If so, how?

Thursday, August 8
After reviewing Matthew 14:1-36, read 2 Kings 4:38-44. How does this story mirror the feeding of the 5,000? Why is it important for there to be leftovers? What are we to do with the leftovers in our lives?

Friday, August 9
After reviewing Matthew 14:1-36, read Exodus 16. The people of God were in a desolate place and were terribly hungry. How does God provide for them? How can we make sure we see our “daily bread” as God’s gift for our lives?

Saturday, August 10
After reviewing Matthew 14:1-36, read Matthew 10:16-32. The journey Jesus sent his disciples on must have made them feel like they were walking on water. Jesus tells them not to be afraid. How has Jesus extended you a hand when you were sinking?

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