GodSpeak – Matthew 15:1-39 – August 12-17

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 15:1-39

”Wash your hands before you eat!” It’s good advice for proper hygiene. The Pharisees and the teachers of the law had other motivations. Maybe they should listen to the Canaanite woman…

Monday, August 12
Read Matthew 15:1-20. The Pharisees were blind to the ways in which their traditions actually discourage obedience to God. Do we have such traditions? How do we keep ourselves from becoming “blind guides?”

Tuesday, August 13
Read Matthew 15:21-39. Does Jesus dismiss the Canaanite woman in v.24? Why does he end up healing her daughter? Being Gentiles, what can we learn from her faith?

Wednesday, August 14
After reviewing Matthew 15, read Isaiah 29. Ariel is Jerusalem, and her heartless worship drones on. What happened to Ariel to bring her to this heartless worship? What does God think of heartless worship?

Thursday, August 15
After reviewing Matthew 15, read Romans 2. Paul gets to the “heart” of the matter and leaves no one out. How does Paul reflect Jesus’ teaching from Matthew 15? How do we avoid being such hypocrites?

Friday, August 16
After reviewing Matthew 15, read Matthew 8:1-13. Is it a coincidence that two of the boldest expressions of faith come from a Roman Centurion and a Canaanite woman? Compare their faith to that of the Jewish religious elite… and your own.

Saturday, August 17
After reviewing Matthew 15, read Isaiah 25. Who is on this mountain of The Lord? What will happen there? What real-life event(s) is Isaiah prophesying?

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