GodSpeak – Matthew 2 – February 25-March 2

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 2

Dignified Gentiles travel hundreds of miles guided by a star to greet a foretold king. A paranoid king plays the Magi for information, and once disappointed, takes it out on the boys of Bethlehem. Something big is happening.

Monday, February 25
Read Matthew 2:1-12. What is the significance of Gentiles coming to greet the baby Jesus? Who has Jesus come to save? Why do you think all Jerusalem was troubled along with King Herod about this news?

Tuesday, February 26
Read Matthew 2:13-23. God protects the family by sending them to Egypt, while Herod’s fury rages over the boys of Bethlehem. What’s the meaning of all this? What is Herod afraid of? In selfishness, do you ever take your anger out on those who threaten you?

Wednesday, February 27
After reviewing Matthew 2, read Daniel 5. How do you suppose the Magi knew to look for a star to signify a newborn King? Hint: When the King’s wise men (Magi) couldn’t interpret the King’s dream, who does he bring in?

Thursday, February 28
After reviewing Matthew 2, read Philippians 2:1-11. In Matthew 2, whose knees are bowed at the feet of the baby Jesus? What is this event foreshadowing?

Friday, March 1
After reviewing Matthew 2, read Hosea 11. In Hosea’s prophecy, he recalls an infant Israel, the son of God, called out of Egypt. How has that figurative prophecy become literal? Note how Jesus is walking in Israel’s footprints…

Saturday, March 2
After reviewing Matthew 2, read Deuteronomy 6. If Matthew is showing Jesus as walking in the footprints of Israel, then where do we see Jesus foreshadowed in Deut. 6?

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