GodSpeak – Matthew 21:23-46 – October 14-19

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 21:23-46

Who is the authority? The Pharisees challenge Jesus with the question. Jesus tells two parables about the question. There’s a similar lingering question behind this chapter. Who is our authority?

Monday, October 14
Read Matthew 21:23-32. How does Jesus turn the question of authority back on the Pharisees? Who is the real authority for the Pharisees? In the parable of the two sons, who was the authority for the two sons? How do we know?

Tuesday, October 15
Read Matthew 21:33-46. This parable hits very close to home for the leaders of Israel. Who do the tenants of the vineyard work for? Who is their real authority?

Wednesday, October 16
After reviewing Matthew 21:23-46, read Luke 3:1-17. Who was John’s authority? How did the people react to John’s challenging words? Do you see any similarities in John’s message to that of Jesus?

Thursday, October 17
After reviewing Matthew 21:23-46, read Luke 7:18-35. In verses 29 and 30 Luke takes an inventory of how the people reacted to John. What was the difference between those baptized by John and those who weren’t? Does a similar distinction exist with our baptism into Christ?

Friday, October 18
After reviewing Matthew 21:23-46, read 1 Peter 2. What does God do with the stone that the builders have rejected? Where are we in that house?

Saturday, October 19
After reviewing Matthew 21:23-46, read Isaiah 5:1-7. Given this Isaiah passage, why is it significant that Jesus sets this parable in a vineyard? Where’s the vineyard now?

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