GodSpeak – Matthew 21:1-22 – October 7-12

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 21:1-22

Jesus makes quite the entrance. Complete with donkey and prophecy fulfilled, Jesus begins the process of fulfilling nobody’s expectations. Children’s praise? Dead fig tree? Huh?

Monday, October 7
Read Matthew 21:1-11. Compare and contrast Jesus experience leaving Jericho (20:29-34) with his entrance into Jerusalem and then the children in the temple (21:15-16). Which people in these three stories end up being the best examples for us? Why?

Tuesday, October 8
Read Matthew 21:12-22. What was wrong with the commerce in the temple? What message did Jesus send when the fig tree that should have had abundant fruit had none? How are these two stories connected?

Wednesday, October 9
After reviewing Matthew 21:1-22, read Zechariah 9. This is a picture of redemption, but from what? If the people praising Jesus as he enters Jerusalem are recalling this chapter, what are they likely hoping Jesus will do?

Thursday, October 10
After reviewing Matthew 21:1-22, read Psalm 8. Jesus quotes this passage after cleansing the temple. Quoting a part of a chapter usually implies the whole. Is there anything else in Psalm 8 that applies to Jesus’ situation?

Friday, October 11
After reviewing Matthew 21:1-22, read Matthew 12:33-37. The fig tree should have been bearing fruit, but wasn’t. How does this passage from chapter 12 help to interpret the message Jesus is sending?

Saturday, October 12
After reviewing Matthew 21:1-22, read Luke 13:6-9. Here we have another fig tree parable. Compare and contrast this with Jesus’ cursing of the fig tree in Mat. 21. What fruit are you producing for the Kingdom of God?

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