GodSpeak – Matthew 22:1-22 – October 21-26

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 22:1-22

The invited guests prefer the mundane to dining with the king. He invites the outsiders, and clothes them in majesty. The few who are chosen give God what is God’s… everything.

Monday, October 21
Read Matthew 22:1-14. This parable is an indictment of God’s chosen people. In decoding the parable, who’s the king? The invited guests? The servants? The ones from the streets? The one missing the wedding garment? Where do we fit in?

Tuesday, October 22
Read Matthew 22:15-22. What belongs to “Caesar?” What belongs to God? Does what belongs to “Caesar” also belong to God? Does any of it belong to us?

Wednesday, October 23
After reviewing Matthew 22:1-22, read Revelation 19:1-10. Here we have another wedding feast. How does this feast resemble the one Jesus speaks of? How is it different?

Thursday, October 24
After reviewing Matthew 22:1-22, read Acts 13:42-52. Paul’s strategy was usually to speak to the Jews in the synagogues first. How did that go in Pisidian Antioch? To whom did they turn?

Friday, October 25
After reviewing Matthew 22:1-22, read Romans 13:1-7. Consider the fact that the “governing authorities” were some of the greatest enemies to Christianity in Rome! Why does Paul want the Christians to submit to them? See Matthew 5:43-48.

Saturday, October 26
After reviewing Matthew 22:1-22, read Matthew 19:16-22. “Give to God what is God’s” What is God’s? Could the rich young man give to God what is God’s? Is giving to God just about giving money or possessions?

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