GodSpeak – Matthew 22:23-46 – Oct 28-Nov 2

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 22:23-46

The sparring match continues. Sadducees try to trap Jesus with resurrection.
The Pharisees send a lawyer to debate Jesus on the law. Jesus wins.
After all, he’s David’s “Lord.”

Monday, October 28
Read Matthew 22:23-33. What are the Sadducees trying to accomplish with this question? Is it more about marriage or resurrection? How does Jesus answer their real question?

Tuesday, October 29
Read Matthew 22:34-46. How does Jesus’ answer to the Pharisee lawyer avoid a legal battle? Jesus turns the tables with a question about David. Why is it important that the Messiah is David’s “Lord?”

Wednesday, October 30
After reviewing Matthew 22:23-46, read Job 19. Job had been stripped of everything valuable in life. What is his enduring hope? What is our enduring hope?

Thursday, October 31
After reviewing Matthew 22:23-46, read 1 Corinthians 15. Resurrection was a major debate in Corinth. How does Paul debate for the resurrection of the dead? What is the resurrected body like?

Friday, November 1
After reviewing Matthew 22:23-46, read Deuteronomy 6. Lawyers get an education to keep the law sharply in their minds. Where does God want his law to reside? What is the difference between a law in our minds versus a law on our hearts?

Saturday, November 2
After reviewing Matthew 22:23-46, read 1 John 4. John answers a simple yet profound question. Why love God?

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