GodSpeak – Matthew 23 – November 4-9

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 23:1-39

“Do what I say, not what I do” isn’t good enough for Jesus. No pedestals. No lofty titles. Brotherhood. Transparency. Honesty. Integrity. Humility. Service.

Monday, November 4
Read Matthew 23:1-12. Why is it so important for us all to be brothers and sisters? Why do we put people on pedestals? What often happens to one put on the pedestal? If Jesus says we shouldn’t be called “rabbi” or “teacher,” what is the role of pastors and teachers?

Tuesday, November 5
Read Matthew 23:13-39. Is Jesus just being a bully? What were the Pharisees doing that was so deserving of a tongue-lashing? We all sin in similar ways. Take a moment with each woe and confess to God times when you have done the same kind of things. He will forgive you.

Wednesday, November 6
After reviewing Matthew 23, read Matthew 6. Why do you do good? Do you do good for you or for the one receiving the good? Where is our treasure in each situation? What are you seeking? What do you find?

Thursday, November 7
After reviewing Matthew 23, read 1 Peter 5. Compare Peter’s words of encouragement to pastors (elders) with Jesus’ comments about the Pharisees. Does “oversight” equal being put on a pedestal? Does the pastor ever belong there?

Friday, November 8
After reviewing Matthew 23, read Romans 2. Having read Matthew 23, is it surprising to read Paul here? Is Paul the “rabbi” or “teacher” here? Who’s the real teacher behind all these words?

Saturday, November 9
After reviewing Matthew 23, read Luke 19:41-44. Luke records a different lament over Jerusalem, but along the same theme. What is Jesus so sad about? What’s going to happen to Jerusalem?

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