GodSpeak – Matthew 26:36-75 – December 2-7

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 26:36-75

The things Jesus said are being fulfilled in quick succession: A kiss from Judas, Peter laying down his sword, false witnesses, three denials. The things the prophets said are also being fulfilled. Jesus is the Christ.

Monday, December 2
Read Matthew 26:36-56. Three times Jesus leaves to pray. Each time the disciples fall into slumber. Fulfillment of Matthew 25:5? When the crowd comes to arrest Jesus, it’s fight or flight for the disciples. Jesus keeps them from fighting. See Matthew 26:31.

Tuesday, December 3
Read Matthew 26:57-75. How do we see both the religious leaders and Peter defending their self-interests? Does Jesus defend his self-interest? Who does Jesus stand for?

Wednesday, December 4
After reviewing Matthew 26:36-75, read John 6:24-40. What is the difference between Jesus’ will and the will of his Father? Since Jesus is God, wouldn’t they be the same? But Jesus is also a man…

Thursday, December 5
After reviewing Matthew 26:36-75, read Matthew 5:38-48. The crowd came with a show of force, wielding swords and clubs. Why not let Peter take his sword and give it a fair fight? What would it have accomplished? Who did Jesus love?

Friday, December 6
After reviewing Matthew 26:36-75, read Isaiah 53. This is one of the most powerful prophecies in the Bible about Jesus. How does this correlate with Jesus’ trial? How will it correlate with the rest of the story?

Saturday, December 7
After reviewing Matthew 26:36-75, read Matthew 10:16-42. Jesus says that the way they treated him will also be the way we are treated as his followers. Yet, he tells us not to fear. How will you acknowledge Jesus today, even if it’s less than safe?

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