GodSpeak – Matthew 27:1-31 – December 9-14

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 27:1-31

Judas has second thoughts, but it’s too late. Pilate finds Jesus innocent, but he has to calm a riot. Pilate washes his hands, but Jesus still feels the whip. The soldiers mock their prey, but Jesus is still King.

Monday, December 9
Read Matthew 27:1-10. Is Judas expressing repentance? No one will ever really know. How was his remorse received by the chief priests and elders? How does Jesus teach us to respond when someone comes to us in repentance? (See Matt. 18:15-35)

Tuesday, December 10
Read Matthew 27:11-31. Pilate washes his hands of the whole ordeal. Is Pilate truly innocent? Do the Jews deserve all the blame? When do we typically “wash our hands” of a situation? Does it absolve us?

Wednesday, December 11
After reviewing Matthew 27:1-31, read Acts 1:15-26. Imagine being Matthias, a disciple from the beginning but on the outside looking in. Judas betrays, dies and with the roll of the dice, Matthias is #12. Where is God challenging you to step up and make a difference?

Thursday, December 12
After reviewing Matthew 27:1-31, read Acts 3:11-26. Many of the people Peter speaks to were likely also the ones who shouted, “Crucify!” What is the one thing Peter asks them to do? What was the first command Jesus gave to us? (See Matt. 4:17)

Friday, December 13
After reviewing Matthew 27:1-31, read John 18:28-40. John gives more details of Jesus’ encounter with Pilate. Why is it that Pilate’s famous question, “What is truth?” still rings in our ears? Who do you know who is asking that question? How will they get their answer?

Saturday, December 14
After reviewing Matthew 27:1-31, read John 19:1-16. Pilate was walking a thin line for the sake of “peace.” The Jews convinced him to execute a criminal by their laws who Pilate found innocent. When have you been led to do the wrong thing for the sake of “peace?”

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