GodSpeak – Matthew 28:1-15 – December 23-28

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 28:1-15

A Sunday morning earthquake. The terrifying appearance of angels. An empty tomb. An awkward greeting. An expensive cover-up. He is risen.

Monday, December 23
Read Matthew 28:1-15. Jesus is risen! The women are trembling in fear. Jesus then greets them. The Greek word for “Greetings!” implies a gleeful, carefree, almost casual greeting. Why doe Jesus greet them that way? How should we greet one another?

Tuesday, December 24
After reviewing Matthew 28:1-15, read Matthew 12:40-41, 16:1-4. The sign of Jonah has now been given. What was the end result of Jonah’s “resurrection?” What is the end result of Jesus’ resurrection?

Wednesday, December 25
After reviewing Matthew 28:1-15, read John 11. Jesus has paid the price for sin and has defeated death. How do we receive what Jesus has won for us? How does such a faith change the choices we make?

Thursday, December 26
After reviewing Matthew 28:1-15, read Philippians 3. Paul has every reason to be happy in this life. How does the death and resurrection of Jesus change all that? What kind of life to we avoid? What kind of life to we embrace?

Friday, December 27
After reviewing Matthew 28:1-15, read 1 Corinthians 15:12-34. How important is it that we believe in Jesus’ resurrection? What happens to Christianity when we deny Jesus’ resurrection?

Saturday, December 28
After reviewing Matthew 28:1-15, read Revelation 5. The elders saw a Lamb who looked “as though it had been slain.” A living Lamb who was dead. Who is this Lamb and what has he come into heaven to do?

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