GodSpeak – Matthew 3 – March 4-9

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 3

The voice of one crying in the wilderness gets rather loud and harsh! The voice of the Father comes from heaven to declare his pleasure in his Son. What are these voices telling us?

Monday, March 4
Read Matthew 3:1-12. Try to imagine being a Jew who has come to hear what the desert preacher has to say. You hear John’s harsh words to the Pharisees and Sadducees. What’s your reaction? Who are you expecting to come after John?

Tuesday, March 5
Read Matthew 3:13-17. Jesus’ baptism has always been a mystery. Why does Jesus need to be baptized? What righteousness needs to be fulfilled? Jesus is already perfectly righteous! Is this just an initiation rite or is there more?

Wednesday, March 6
After reviewing Matthew 3, read Isaiah 40. Isaiah describes a future reality for God’s people where He will make right those things that are wrong. How is His way prepared? What’s it like when He gets here?

Thursday, March 7
After reviewing Matthew 3, read Exodus 14. How were God’s people changed by crossing the Red Sea safely? How might this be a foreshadowing of baptism?

Friday, March 8
After reviewing Matthew 3, read Isaiah 42:1-9. Isaiah looks forward to a Godly servant who will redeem the people. How does Jesus baptism echo these words from Isaiah?

Saturday, March 9
After reviewing Matthew 3, read Matthew 28:18-20. Matthew 3 is the only other place in Matthew where we see Jesus connected with baptism. What do we learn about our baptism from Jesus’ baptism?

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