GodSpeak – Matthew 5:21-30 – April 1-6

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 5:21-30

Jesus wants to get to the core of the issue. The issue isn’t just murder, it’s anger. The issue isn’t just adultery, it’s lust. What’s going on in the heart? Jesus challenges us to get beyond the letter of the law and look to the intent of the law. There we find the footprints of Jesus.

Monday, April 1
Read Matthew 5:21-26. What’s so wrong with anger? How important is reconciliation with other Christian brothers and sisters? When does your anger get the best of you?

Tuesday, April 2
Read Matthew 5:27-30. Really? Cut off limbs and pluck out eyes? Obviously Jesus is exaggerating to make a point. How can we interpret this without losing the impact of what Jesus is suggesting?

Wednesday, April 3
After reviewing Matthew 5:21-30, read Ecclesiastes 7. Solomon seeks to contrast wisdom and foolishness. What parallels do you find between Solomon’s wisdom and Jesus’ teaching?

Thursday, April 4
After reviewing Matthew 5:21-30, read James 1:19-27. What does James have to say about anger? What makes anger so damaging to our walk behind Jesus?

Friday, April 5
After reviewing Matthew 5:21-30, read Proverbs 6:20-35. What makes adultery so bad? What makes lustful thoughts so bad? What do we Christians do now that various forms of adultery have become accepted by our society?

Saturday, April 6
After reviewing Matthew 5:21-30, read 2 Corinthians 6:1-10. What obstacles are in your life that keep you from serving Jesus like you should? How can you “cut them off?”

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