GodSpeak – Matthew 5:31-37 – April 8-13

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 5:31-37

Jesus continues to expose the hypocrisy of the people’s general understanding of righteousness. The loopholes they thought existed weren’t really there. What loopholes do we make in God’s law? 

Monday, April 8
Read Matthew 5:31-32. It’s obvious Jesus is no fan of divorce! What point is Jesus making by linking divorce to adultery? What is God’s original plan for marriage?

Tuesday, April 9
Read Matthew 5:33-37. What’s so wrong with taking an oath? Take into consideration that people of that day could swear on God’s name, but preferred to swear on other things, thinking they could worm their way out if necessary. What is Jesus’ alternative?

Wednesday, April 10
After reviewing Matthew 5:31-37, read Matthew 19:1-12 What is Jesus’ standard for his comments on divorce? When the disciples declare it’s better not to marry, what is Jesus’ response?

Thursday, April 11
After reviewing Matthew 5:31-37, read 1 Corinthians 7:1-17 Paul lived in a sex-saturated culture similar to ours. What is his advice about marriage? What is his advice about being single?

Friday, April 12
After reviewing Matthew 5:31-37, read Matthew 23:16-22 Here Jesus demonstrates the kinds of oaths that were being enforced by the Pharisees. Do we play this loophole game in our culture? How so? Do you play that game?

Saturday, April 13
After reviewing Matthew 5:31-37, read Proverbs 10:17-21 How do the wise words of Solomon reflect the instruction of Jesus, “let your Yes be Yes and your No be No.”?

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