GodSpeak – Matthew 7:15-29 – May 13-18

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 7:15-29

How do people differentiate Christians from the non-Christians? They can’t see our hearts. They can’t just observe the finer points of our theology. They recognize us by our fruits, by the things we do and don’t do. We build our houses on the Rock.

Monday, May 13
Read Matthew 7:15-29. When Jesus says that we will recognize the “wolves” in “sheep’s clothing” by their “fruits.” What are these fruits? What fruits come from a “good tree?” How can we tell the difference?

Tuesday, May 14
After reviewing Matthew 7:15-29, read Acts 20:17-38. In this emotional address to the Ephesian elders, Paul warns them of the wolves that are to come. How were they to recognize those wolves? Is Paul bragging at the end… or being an example of fruitfulness?

Wednesday, May 15
After reviewing Matthew 7:15-29, read 2 Peter 2. Peter gives a vivid description of the fruits of wickedness. Where do you see this around you? Do you see it in you? Why is it so bad to turn from the truth once you’ve truly known it and believed it?

Thursday, May 16
After reviewing Matthew 7:15-29, read Hosea 8. Even though Israel may think they know God, does God acknowledge them? Why? What does Jesus mean when he says that not everyone who says, “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of heaven?

Friday, May 17
After reviewing Matthew 7:15-29, read James 1:19-27. We love to hear the word! What is Sunday worship without hearing the word? Why then is it so important to be more than just hearers of the word? What does it look like to be doers of the word?

Saturday, May 18
After reviewing Matthew 7:15-29, read James 2:14-26. The man who built his house on the sand obviously believed he was safe in doing so. His works showed his faith. How do your works show your faith?

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