GodSpeak – Matthew 8:1-17 – May 20-25

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 8:1-17

Jesus goes on a healing spree. Embedded in each of these healing stories is a lesson about who Jesus is and what it means to follow him. While each of these stories are great stories in their own right, look for the reason Matthew included them. What is the message being sent to the believers through this story?

Monday, May 20
Read Matthew 8:1-17. Why did Jesus tell the leper to only show himself to the priest? What made the centurion’s faith so “great?” What did Peter’s mother-in-law do after being healed?

Tuesday, May 21
After reviewing Matthew 8:1-17, read Leviticus 13:45-59.  In this passage, the priest plays a major role in directing the cleansing process of the person with leprosy. In Matthew 8, who was directing the cleansing process? What was the role of priest after Jesus cleansed the man?

Wednesday, May 22
After reviewing Matthew 8:1-17, read Malachi 4.  Did the day that Malachi speaks of come with Jesus? Are we still looking forward to that day? Could it be both? If so, how?

Thursday, May 23
After reviewing Matthew 8:1-17, read Ephesians 3.  The centurion was a Roman soldier. How could Jesus speak of a Gentile’s inclusion in the kingdom of heaven? What is Paul’s understanding of Jesus’ relationship with Gentiles?

Friday, May 24
After reviewing Matthew 8:1-17, read Isaiah 55.  The centurion trusted that the word of Jesus was all that was needed to heal his ailing servant. Compare your faith to that of the centurion. What would you have done if you were in the centurion’s situation?

Saturday, May 25
After reviewing Matthew 8:1-17, read Mark 1:21-28.  Jesus had a little encounter with a demon right before staying at Peter’s house. How did the demon recognize Jesus? What message does Jesus send to the people that day?

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